Payments- Cash, Check or Card Accepted

Additional Information

Credit Card:

**At this time we do not accept credit card payments for invoices totaling $500.00 or more**

Click the pay now button at the bottom of this screen, you will be redirected to a new page asking for your PayPal login or the gray button asking to pay by card. a new tab will open with an amount page, please enter your invoice total and click submit.Select the field you desire and fill out the needed information.

You will not need to create a paypal account as we give you a pay by card option. 

Steps: click the pay now button> enter your total invoiced amount, hit submit> choose to pay with your PayPal account or via card> enter your information and submit~ all paid!


All checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 87, Wellborn, Tx 77881.


Please feel free to call the office 979-571-0749 for a staff member to pick up your payment or if you wish to drop off.

Online Pay